Touchstone: Experience a Colors In Motion moment:

"I believe the conversations of birds relate to the conversations with our selves as we enjoy the beginning and ending of a day."
As an epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center, Dale Ford spends a lot of her time in her "left brain" solving scientific problems. For Colors In Motion, Dale opened herself to her right hemisphere, to sensing the rhythms of imagery, sound and breath.
As she experienced the beautiful shifting colors of Linda DeHart's paintings, Dale played sounds on whistles collected by her father as he traveled throughout South America. Each whistle, carved in exotic native woods, produces an authentic bird call.
"I read the images like I was reading music: call and response," she said. "The sound of the early mourning dove was the beginning...the last sound was a baby bird's chirp...."
"I did not appreciate the bird whistles until after my father died. I found them in an old box on the porch. These calls are a tribute to him."
Woven together with the Native American Flute and nature recordings of composer Ephemeral Rift, Conversations compels us to pause and take in a rich chorus of nature.
Look for Us in Your Neighborhood...
It seems that 2012 is the year for Colors In Motion to move out into the world. May was an incredible month. Colors In Motion was featured at: In June, the Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre presented its Annual Dance for World Community Festival, an indoor-outdoor event in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. Colors In Motion was featured as part of its program showcasing dance as a positive force for social change.

Colors In Motion Disks Available
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