Linda DeHart
Linda DeHart, Founder and Principal of DeHart Art, LLC, creates art that carries the viewer beyond the object, to a place of inner transformation through the power of color in motion.
Josh Hummel
Josh Hummel is the owner of Sinensis Music and composes a wide variety of ambient and concert music.
Meg Brooker
Dance and Movement Artist
Meg Brooker, Founder of MB Arts, imbues Colors in Motion dynamic media with gestural movement, partnering abstraction with human form and eliciting an appreciation of universal beauty.
Andrée Cordella
Branding and Marketing
Andrée Cordella, Founder of Cordella Design, is the keeper of Colors in Motion's image and mission, guiding it out into the world across countries and cultures.
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The Colors in Motion Creative Team works with architects, planners, designers and developers to create transformational content sourced from original art forms. Modalities including painting, dance, poetry and music, offering audio, visual, and interactive options. Subscription content is available, providing fresh material to existing display platforms on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual schedule.

Colors in Motion works with world-class integrators to execute unique, integrated media environments. Working closely with these integrators, the Colors in Motion Creative Team and our clients can design the ideal platform and dynamic digital content to match any architectural, aesthetic, and budget requirement.

Christopher Graefe
Christopher Graefe, Director of Content at Sensory Interactive, weaves together the many dynamic artforms that encompass Colors in Motion experiences.
Susan Bayley
Creative Integrator
With a career encompassing marketing, communications, illustration, graphic design, writing and editing, Susan Bayley integrates Colors in Motion communications, services and products.
Jeff Volk
Poet and Publisher
Master craftsman of the spoken and written word, Jeff Volk seeks to engage us and remind us of what truly unites us all - our humanity and our likeness.
Shannon Jamieson, Esq.
Arts Attorney
Shannon Jamieson, co-founder of New Leaf Legal, is an entertainment and arts attorney. Shannon sees that the interests of Colors in Motion and our clients align to the advantage of all.

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