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Now it's easy for you to create the calm atmosphere needed by you, your clients or customers at your office,

yoga center, lobby, waiting area or hospital bedside

Invite slowly shifting colors and spacious sound into YOUR home or office!

Need beauty to last your whole day? Try AMBIANCE . . .

Ambiance brings the beauty of a silent, slow-moving visual experience through various healing moods to restore balance and provide a refuge of well-being for your mind and soul. Take in the luminous horizons of 1,000 watercolor paintings by Linda DeHart spanning over 8 hours. Over time, the sustained rhythm of forming and dissolving opens within us a space that transcends the visual image.

Buy, rent or stream

When I pass through the lobby of the apartment building, I always linger. I notice my breath slows down, my nervous system begins to relax... It's magnificent.
We keep it on in our home all day long and we see something new every time. It's always there, like a friendly presence, uplifting the environment and keeping us centered. 
The imagery has had a calming effect on everyone who enters the room and I’ve used it to shift her focus from pain and discomfort to images and pleasant thoughts several times.
Customized content that harmonizes space and creates memorable guest experiences.

Colors In Motion draws people into a world of beauty, color, and graceful movement, enticing the imagination and transforming moods. Integrating a variety of art forms such as painting, sculpture, dance, poetry and music––all within a digital canvas––Colors In Motion’s original compositions help to uplift the spirit through sensitively cadenced, aurally rich, and visually engaging works of art.

Annual Licensing

We offer renewable licensing to clients who are looking for cost-effective ways to manage a diverse library of content materials for their digital platform.

Content Purchase

We provide opportunities for outright purchasing for clients who wish to own content for their digital platform for limitless play.

Site-Wide Licensing

Colors In Motion offers custom pricing models to owners with multiple locations of distributed digital displays.
Order a Colors In Motion DVD to experience our dynamic digital content and learn the qualities and possibilities of how our work and art transform your small private or large-scale public space.

Imaginations  $20

February: the pond · 14:30
May: Light Beings · 16:47
August: Luminous Reverie · 11:42
November: Essential Nature · 33:09
Imaginations Collection Looped · 1:16:15 

The Imaginations Collection offers a way to find comfort  when healing is most needed. It is a chaptered and looped audio visual program of four experiences.

Open-Eyed Meditations  $20

February: Creation · 12:08 
April: Prisoner of Time · 15:37
June: The Dream · 12:10
August: Say Nothing · 11:53
October: Veils · 9:59
December: Walking in Beauty · 10:15
Meditations Collection Looped · 1:11:47

The Meditations Collection contains six expanded-format TOUCHSTONES, chaptered and looped audio visual programs designed to be used for relaxation, meditation, inspiration, and to focus group activities.

The Inspiration Collection is twelve experiences from our 2012 TOUCHSTONES. It is a chaptered and looped audio visual program designed to be used for relaxation, meditation, inspiration, and to focus group activities.

Inspiration  $20

January: Smile · 2:58
February: Aurora · 3:49 
March: Emergence · 3:51
April: The Divine Feminine · 4:20
May: Inquiry · 3:16
June: Conversations · 3:49
July: Firmament of Sound · 3:15
August: Chakra Lullaby · 6:03
September: Expanding Horizons · 6:22
October: Flags of One Family · 6:06
November: The Premise and The Promise · 9:01
December: Indigo Window · 4:38
Inspiration Collection Looped · 57:28 

The Invitation Collection is our inaugural collection of twelve experiences to be used for relaxation, meditation, inspiration, and to focus group activities.

Invitation  $20

January: Taking Flight · 2:42
February: Breath of Time · 2:03 
March: No Matter · 2:07
April: Full Bloom · 2:11
May: Water · 2:18
June: Arousing Curiosity · 2:10
July: Deep Resonance · 3:32
August: Light Dances · 2:30
September: Urban Pulse · 2:10
October: Morning Stroll · 2:56
November: Singing Bowls and Silks · 3:39
December: Simple Depths · 3:45
Invitation Collection Looped · 57:28