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Colors in Motion

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Cambridge, MA


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Colors in Motion is dedicated to bringing beauty and centered calm to our busy lives by providing cutting-edge environmental display content, which calms people in public spaces, to help forward-looking facilities reach new audiences and clientele.


For years we have been helping to shape how people experience architectural spaces and special events with unique, artistic digital content. People are transformed by the welcoming, uplifting atmosphere created by our art. Come explore our installations, experience the transformative qualities and imagine and consider where and how Colors In Motion can enrich your life.

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Rent, buy or stream slowly moving colors and spacious sound. Create a calm atmosphere in your home, office or public space. Restore balance, immerse yourself in a sense of stillness and enter an expansive inner presence. Select Colors In Motion Touchstones and also the new 8-hour silent Ambiance are now available on Amazon.



In our latest TOUCHSTONE, Linda DeHart brought her desire to make visual the nuances of human connectedness between two people through dance. Mariko Cantley and Nazar Batih are professional ballroom dancers collaborating with Colors In Motion to create this extraordinary work. Acclaimed jazz musician Stan Strickland's inspired sounds amplify human relatedness, conveyed in the intensity of focus between Mariko and Nazar.