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Read the stories behind our Touchstones

Centered Calm

Stories from the field . . .


Serving hospital patients with beautiful art

The Medcalm Channel, Fine Art Experiences is a collection of programs designed for delivery into hospital patient rooms ..... Imagine finding comfort when healing is most needed. Finding beauty in each moment of art-in-motion is the path to healing, freeing up the body’s self-healing capacity and boosting the immune system. Healing comes through rhythmically moving colors, imaginative images, and cadenced sounds eliciting our sense of well-being and comfort.


Yoga and Art Co-creating Wellness

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health worked with Colors In Motion to showcase Touchstones for the first year after the launch of their new website. These audio visual meditations were shared with Kripalu online guests in an effort to make the website a healing and transformative experience in the same ways visiting the center does. The programs were received extremely well, with many guests sharing their positive feedback about their experiences.


Taking Action in The Shift

Colors in Motion plays an important role as part of a larger shift of consciousness toward a more centered, caring and aware humanity. "Art that Transcends in our Digital World: The Story of Colors In Motion" was featured in The Shift Network's worldwide publication The Catalyst. We are excited to collaborate with those helping to transform the planet in positive ways. The mission of this global organization is to​ create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.


Hospital Art that Transcends

“...the art of (Colors In Motion) is unique, and...could arouse curiosity, capture an individual’s attention, and provide positive distraction.... The effects of Colors in Motion’s custom work, which merges music, poetry, and/or dance with the visual stimulation of [art in motion] may assist in the stabilization of the body’s physiological functions.” Judy Rollins, Ph.D., BFA, RN ‒ Published Spring 2011, HERD Journal


Art That Transcends in Public Places

Here is Elissa Melaragno's story of Colors In Motion’s evolution from one artist’s vision to an international collaboration in which the creative process unfolds, is featured in the first issue of ANCHOR Magazine; “dedicated to the intersection of spirituality and social justice”. “Conscious that none of us individually has all that is needed,” Linda DeHart says, “… together, we discover things beyond our imagining.” Creation at work!