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E n g a g e

Join us for a free Guided Practice Session on Zoom the first Monday of every month.

Come together in a field of coherence and learn how to use Colors In Motion as a springboard to subtle realms of your inner world. Practicing together, we can open our systems to subtleties of experience in group presence. You are invited to participate in sharing your experience with the group or sitting quietly and witnessing.

Monday, March 1, 2021 from 7:30 - 9:00 pm ET


Until we see you, here is our gift for you, a 10 minute audiovisual walk in beauty . . . 

Colors In Motion provides hours of calming, meditative, original cinematic works of art, right to your television, mobile device, or computer—whichever is most convenient for you, wherever respite and healing is most beneficial. These beautiful, subtly-shifting images are sourced from original works of fine art, gracefully synchronized with evocative soundscapes

Walking In Beauty

Walking In Beauty

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You can also share a free Moment of Beauty with a friend or loved one....


Thinking of you


Breathe in calm


You are in my heart


Happy Birthday

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