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Hospital Rooms

Multiple locations across the US

Colors in Motion works on an exclusive collaboration with Medcalm, a provider of relaxing and calming video content to hospitals throughout the US. 10 healing programs titled "Colors In Motion: Fine Art Experiences” have been curated into a collection of digital artwork that hospital patients can view through closed-circuit TVs in their rooms, a welcome alternative to traditional programming.

Apartment Building Lobby

Philadelphia, PA

Colors In Motion is a centerpiece of a digital content campaign that plays on 2 large-scale LCD video walls in a newly renovated apartment building complex in the heart of Philadelphia. Seeking to set a new upscale and welcoming ambience with architectural updates throughout the building, owners selected Colors In Motion to enhance the main lobby space that welcomes guests and residents, as well as greet them when they enter and exit the building’s elevators.

"Thank you for creating such beauty to both wake up and calm down our city!" — Kerry A.

Click Here to View Apartment Building Showcase Video

Convention Center

Boston, MA

Colors In Motion is featured in the artistic content campaigns that play on the two landmark indoor and outdoor digital LED platforms at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA. Working with the convention center and the locale digital arts program Art on the Marquee, Colors In Motion has created several breathtaking works of art for the center’s uniquely shaped 78 foot tall outdoor tower and their 160 foot long indoor video wall that welcome conference attendees and guests.

Click Here to View Convention Center Showcase Video

Corporate Briefing Center

New York, NY

Working with New York City’s largest office landlord, SL Green Realty Corporation, Colors In Motion provided digital content for their stunning 21 foot long LCD video wall, the centerpiece of their newly renovated corporate briefing center in their Manhattan office. The unique panoramic aspect ratio of the display became a perfect platform to showcase Colors In Motion ever-changing works of art that welcomed visitors into the space.

Click Here to View Corporate Briefing Showcase Video

Conferences and Gatherings


Colors In Motion has been an integral part of many conferences and gatherings over the years, with conference organizers and attendees experiencing its positive benefits as a calming, centering tool that revives and refreshes between sessions. Colors In Motion has also been the centerpiece of several multimedia artistic programs and spiritual gatherings, used for meditation, healing, and connection.

Stories from the field . . .


Yoga and Art Co-creating Wellness

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health worked with Colors In Motion to showcase Touchstones for the first year after the launch of their new website. These audio visual meditations were shared with Kripalu online guests in an effort to make the website a healing and transformative experience in the same ways visiting the center does. The programs were received extremely well, with many guests sharing their positive feedback about their experiences.


Taking Action in The Shift

Colors in Motion plays an important role as part of a larger shift of consciousness toward a more centered, caring and aware humanity. "Art that Transcends in our Digital World: The Story of Colors In Motion" was featured in The Shift Network's worldwide publication The Catalyst. We are excited to collaborate with those helping to transform the planet in positive ways. The mission of this global organization is to​ create a sustainable, peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.


Hospital Art that Transcends

“...the art of (Colors In Motion) is unique, and...could arouse curiosity, capture an individual’s attention, and provide positive distraction.... The effects of Colors in Motion’s custom work, which merges music, poetry, and/or dance with the visual stimulation of [art in motion] may assist in the stabilization of the body’s physiological functions.” Judy Rollins, Ph.D., BFA, RN ‒ Published Spring 2011, HERD Journal

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