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E x p e r i e n c e

Enter a realm of quiet reflection. Experience slowly moving colors and spacious sound in your environment.



Invoke sustained tranquility in any background.


This 8-hour silent visual meditation is sourced from A Thousand Windows: A Long Walk in Beauty, a body of 1,000 original watercolors by Cambridge artist Linda DeHart. Ambiance helps to restore balance, providing a haven for your mind and soul.

Artful Living Collection


Create an illuminated sanctuary of beauty anywhere.


Serenity is curated from over a dozen Colors In Motion Touchstones co-created by an international collection artists and musicians. Serenity explores over 4 hours of calming audiovisual artworks-in-motion that provide calming stillness to people in private or public spaces.


Invite in an oasis of reflected light, color, and sound.


Reflection provides over 4 hours of audiovisual artworks-in-motion curated from more than a dozen Colors In Motion Touchstones, co-created by artists and musicians from around the world. Reflection provides a welcoming enhancement to public spaces or an introspective environment for you in your home..

Signature Touchstone Collection


Enjoy our Signature Touchstone Collection, a diverse catalog of artworks-in-motion, each with its own unique qualities and beauty. By exploring these series, you can create meditative collections, windows of possibilities ... open pathways to centered calm.

$1.99/month each – Audiovisual

Artful Living Collection
Artful Living Collection - Relection
Signature Touchstone Collection
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