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Colors in Motion is NOW available on your TV, enlivening your home and work environments

Colors In Motion is excited to share an offering that enables you and those you love to receive the benefits of Colors In Motion audiovisual meditations to restore balance, relax the mind, release tension, and heal with the power of rhythmic beauty.

Introducing Colors In Motion Streaming TV Channel

Our new Vimeo On Demand Channel enables anyone to bring our unique audiovisual meditations into their lives on their TV, mobile device and computer, View the full catalog of experiences HERE.

You Know People Who Can Benefit. Will you share this with your circles?

In these times, we all seek to find a place of respite and centered calm and to share those experiences with others. Colors In Motion has made this simple: share our Gift page and this PDF with your friends, family, and community to give them a sample Experience, with an important link to codes for free access through June 30th, 2020.

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