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Join us: “Centered Calm” Online Gathering - Monday October 3, 2022

"If my life is very intense and busy, then I need to balance those stressful moments with phases of relaxation, regeneration - to give my body, emotions, and mind a rest. Inner space is something we can practice in order to better handle complexity."

Thomas Hubl, modern mystic and spiritual teacher

Giving ourselves time to take in Colors In Motion helps us to slow down and expand our awareness. With more inner spaciousness, we hone our capacity to become aware of others in a deeper way. Join us for an evening of being authentic in the present moment. You are invited to participate by sharing your experience with the group or sitting quietly and witnessing. Our next Gathering will be Monday, October 3 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm ET. Though the session will conclude at 9:00 pm ET, you are invited to linger on for a little more conversation and sharing if you'd like

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Centered Calm

Seeking quiet refuge can