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Join us: “Epiphany” Online Gathering - Monday January 2, 2023

Updated: Jan 10

As above, so below. (The Emerald Tablet)

This Gathering will be the launch of a newly completed Touchstone, Epiphany. A very special evening awaits, guest facilitated by Kate Kosmos, the creative artist, educational psychologist, and collaborator behind this remarkable piece.

We will be starting promptly Monday, January 2, 2023 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm ET. Though the session will conclude at 9:00 pm ET, you are invited to stay for more conversation and sharing.

Giving ourselves time to take in Colors In Motion helps us to slow down and expand our awareness. With more inner spaciousness, we hone our capacity to become aware of others in a deeper way. Join us for an evening of being authentic in the present moment. You are invited to participate by sharing your experience with the group or sitting quietly and witnessing.

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