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Join us: "Numinous Beauty" Online Gathering - Monday February 7, 2022

Giving ourselves time to take in Colors In Motion helps us to slow down and deepen our awareness. With more inner spaciousness, we hone our capacity to become aware of others in a deeper way. Join us for an evening of authentic sharing in the present moment.

The sky above us is in a constant state of change; a reminder that while ephemeral experiences exist only briefly, their sustained rhythm in our daily lives guides us on our spiritual path. You are invited to participate by sharing your experience with the group or sitting quietly and witnessing. Our next Gathering will be Monday, February 7 at 7:30 - 9:00 pm ET. Though the session will conclude at 9:00 pm ET, you are invited to linger on for a little more conversation and sharing if you'd like.

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Numinous Beauty

The ways in which our lives are perpetually influenced by the formation and dissolve of everything around us beckons us to transcend time itself and trust in the divine. Using our breath and an opening image, we will come into group resonance and coherence with a brief guided meditation, then participate in open-eyed audio visual meditations using Colors In Motion. Coming together in community, we can exchange what we discovered about the benefits to our nervous systems of experiencing Colors In Motion. The goal of this month’s Gathering is to release our expectations of past, present, and future, and simply be with what’s alive in the present moment.

Please bring your friends with whom you would like to share a meaningful experience. All are welcome.

We hope you can join us!

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