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Remember. Discover. Encourage.

Experiencing Colors In Motion was both calming and healing. It helped me to tap into my spiritual center.


Doris D.

Social Worker


Vitalize. Uplift. Encourage.

Sometimes when a Touchstone arrives, I watch a few minutes in the time that I have and it piques my curiosity; I look forward to dipping back into it in the days that follow, each time discovering and experiencing something new.


Sophie H.

Massage Therapist


Nurture. Heal. Contemplate.

I love this work with its deeply relaxing and meditative music. I wanted it to be on a screen much larger than my computer. I am still remembering Colors In Motion playing on the large screen at the British Consulate—that was good.


Linda Rapuano

Integrative Health Consultant


Meditate. Reflect. Imagine.

“What anxious patient or family could not find comfort in [Colors In Motion’s] remarkable audio / visuals. In the privacy of their room or home, in waiting rooms and treatment centers, and in staff lounges for dedicated clinicians, [these] compositions of stunning artwork and matched musical scores provide balm for the soul and respite from the struggles of healing.”


J. Christopher Cutler

Hospital Consultant